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SINCE 1979, Hindin/Owen/Engelke has arranged more
than 400 institutional financings for middle-market
companies, totaling $2 billion. In every case, their
existing lender had said No. Don't let lack of financing
strangle your client's company or your company's growth.
Financing for Growth...Debt Restructuring
Mezzanine Financing...Turnaround and
Bankruptcy Financing
Additional Working Capital...Financing for
Leveraged Buyouts and Acquisitions
To raise money for clients
who have had financing
repeatedly turned down by
one or more other sources.
To provide professional investment
banking services of the nature
usually afforded to America's
"fortunate" 2,000 large companies
to the "unfortunate" 250,000
American middle market entities.
To provide quality investment
banking services to our middle
market clients with our
compensation based solely on
performance rather than time
spent or effort extended.